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Whistler [J. Stevens]
long ago and far away/ When I was just a child at play/ I could always hear my father as he was walking home/ As he turned the corner I heard his high sweet tone

[chorus] He was a whistler My Daddy was a whistler

His choice was mostly classical sometimes jazz/ His rhythm was pure style, his tone was strictly class/ It always made me happy to hear those melodies drifting in the twilight/ It always made me feel like everything was gonna be alright

Now that I am older, children on my own/ Now it's been some time since my dad has passed away and gone/ This music is my heart's desire, this rhythm is my daily bread/ These thoughts of my father and this sweet soul music swirlin' round my head
Crickets and Ants [Words by Bassie inspired by Joseph Hill][Music by Bassie, Dwayne, Jerry and Debbie]
If you beg your neighbor for some hay, to take it to you/ Don't even want to see you stretch your hand across the fence, beggin' a little salt/ When Babylon deh, my friend, all your disgraces are all gone out on the streets, so

[chorus] Mind who you run to, trod up deh go beg fe help/ Mind who you run to, trod up deh go beg fe help

Once there was a cricket, and there was a set of ants/ The cricket loved to play during summertimes and spring/ When it start to rain, the cricket run to the ants And say Ants, whoa, may I have some food/ Ants say, Cricket, where you been summertimes and spring?/ Cricket say Ants, I was playing my romantic fiddle and song/ And he say Ants, won't you listen to me, don't you go back and play your fiddle and sing so

Be not like the foolish virgins who took oil in their lamps/And yet none in their lousy vessels and decided to chart to Canaan Land/And when their oil's gone out, they turn to the wise virgins and say "May I have some of your oil to throw in our lamps to meet the bride groom?"/Wise man said to them "Say, go ye rather to them that sell and buy by yourselves."/So when they turned back they were all gone out late/And could never ever ever see their bridegroom at all

Closer [M. Wong]
Tu estes mi unica lucion'e I met you in my dreams last night/ and asked you for your name/ asked if I could take you home/ then the morning came/ yes I'm calling out your name/ oh my dreams will never ever be the same.

[chorus] Won't you come a little closer I am not what I seem maybe if we spend some time together, maybe you can get to know me

You shouldn't be afraid of me/ girl I was once just like you/ Open up your heart to me/ and let me give my love, sweet love to you./ yes I'm calling out your name/ oh my dreams will never ever be the same.

[chorus] Muher vente a mi lado no soy que te quetes/ y si tu quethas con migo/ ya no puethas conose/ yes I'm calling out your name/oh my dreams will never ever be the same/ baby won't you come a little closer [repeat 3 times] y si tu quethas con migo/ya no puethes conose

Jah Will [lyric- J. Stevens] [music by Bassie, Stevens, Wong]
"He will not fail to bring justice to the earth" Isaiah 42:4
[chorus] Some things in this world I will never understand/ Some things I realize fully/ Somebody's gonna police the policeman/ Somebody's gonna bully the bully/ I know they will/ They're gonna foot the bill/ Cause I see so much injustice still/ I know they will never fail to tip back the scale/ I know Jah will never fail to tip back the scale.

There's always room at the top of the hill/ I heard through the grapevine that it's lonely there still/ They're wishin' it was more than a position to fill/ But they know if they don't do it, somebody will

I went down to that old rock quarry the other day/ That's where I heard that old rock quarry man say/ He knew I'd always have a place for my head to lay/ I filled up my truck, waved goodbye, and I drove away

Stranded [J. Stevens]

The marsh, the fog, the swamp, and the bog cover seven acres over the island/ The birds and the butterflies are from all over the world/ In the evenings we go and stand and watch the sunset waves upon the sand/ All of my favorite colors riding in the curls

[chorus] Stranded, and I don't care/ Stranded and I won't say where/ Sometimes I feel I'm gonna fade right out into the sea/ Stuck out on this island please don't rescue me

All of my friends are with me, I think we have everything we need/ Sometimes you got to hold on to what's happening to you/ it's not only when things are well, It's when they're not that you can always tell/ Just what you have got and what it means to you.

Sleeping in the Jungle [J. Stevens]

I got to slow down, must get rest tonight/ Been runnin' for miles on the trail 'til we ran out of light/ Lawyers courts and money all be damned/ I set my sights on the jungle and away I ran The rain has soaked us all the way to the bone, won't leave us alone/ It's such pervasive invasion/ I need to know this, I need to know somehow but please don't wake me now because we're

Sleeping in the jungle Sleeping in the jungle

System are you really with them it makes me so blue/ Protect us from ourselves is that the best we can do?/ Cities are your prisons you keep them in their cells /They all still hold the keys but they're still under your spell/ Your rain has soaked them all the way to the bone won't leave them alone/ It's such pervasive invasion/ They need to know this, they need to know somehow, but please don't wake them now because they're
Sleeping in the jungle Sleeping in the jungle

River [J. Stevens]

Goin' back to Eden/ Goin' back to see my friend/ We had good times back then/ Goin' back to Eden

[chorus] You got the river, baby/ You got the river For ever and ever/ You got the river, baby

You're just what I needed/ You're just what I was asking for/ I sent out a prayer/ There you were at my door/

An easterly wind is blowin' over Jordan/ Carryin' me carryin' you

Evelyn [J. Stevens]

I am so grateful/ You give me such a plateful/ You were always there to guide me/ And now something deep inside me says

[chorus] I love you Evelyn/ All the days that I may live/ For the love that you still give/ I love you Evelyn

You were ahead of your time/ You loved your life and you gave me mine/ And I'm just thankful for the chance/ For a humble shot at true romance/ And all those people that you knew / Still tell me how much they love you They love you Evelyn And I know, [repeat chorus]

Don't Mess With My Sister [lyrics by D. Huff and J. Stevens] [Ronde, Stevens, Huff]

Well I know what I'm about to say to you might seem a little harsh/This situation can't be solved alone with just a pile of cash/A pile of cash might make the scene a little cozier/Anything to make the girl's life rosier

[chorus] Listen Mister/Don't you mess with my sister

Now I want to make everything perfectly clear, Bub/That's why I'm checkin your history and the size of your pay stub/Before you get to the hanky panky and the rub a dub/I want to know what you mean when you say the word love

I'm goin' to tell you how it's gonna be right now/Strictly precious faithful lovin' and no bow wow wow/All intentions must be headed straight for a sacred vow/If you still don't understand me/I'm gonna tell you how

Sparks [J. Stevens]

If you did not have any problem/Where you gonna look for one?/If you could not wage any battle /Would your purposes be done/Such a sentimental soldier a warrior of love /Scufflin to keep the peace/All it takes is a misunderstanding/And somebody calls the police

[chorus] Watchin the sparks fly

Friction in the diction/Hot words can leave you cold as nails/Hostility toward tranquility/And heavy loads tippin on scales/But the time just collides with the conflict/And you find out after a while/It's not your moral standard It's your patience that's on trial

Action out on the outpost/First kiss was so sweet/Don't have to tell me you fight for another/Til it's knockin you off your feet/Here's for tryin to deal with the struggle And tryin to lighten the lies/Tryin your voice in negotiation/And tryin at least for a tie

Almond Joy [J. Stevens]

You soothe my soul it's my heart you heal/I can't believe the way you make me feel/I know your love will be my guiding light/Feels so good to treat my baby right it's true

Cho: I don't need no other choice/Call you up ten times a day just to hear your voice/Special for my Almond Joy

You got the kind of love that I've been dreaming about/It leaves me with no doubt/The kind of love to cure my fear of heights/Feels so good to treat my baby right it's true

You showed me those eyes and set my heart free/From now on you get the best of me/I saw your face I was blessed where I stood/Feels so right to treat my baby good

Mi Vida [M. Wong, J. Stevens, G. Ronde, D. Huff]

[chorus] mi vida nececita tu amor mi vida tu cuerpo necesita por favor

en mi suen-os, siempre tu estas aqui/ no me dejes/ Solo tu eres para mi/ siempre te quedas en mi corazon/ siempre te quedas/ siempre te quedas en mi corazon/ siempre te quedas

[chorus] mi vida necisita tu amor mi vida tu cuerpo necesita por favor

yo recurdo la primera vez pue te vi/ sentimiento de que solo tu eres para mi/ siempre te quedas en mi corazon/ siempre te quedas/siempre te quedas en mi corazon/ siempre te quedas/ mi vida necisita tu amor/ siempre/ ya no puethes conose

Roughneck, Baby [D. Huff, I. Liburd, J. Stevens, G. Ronde]

You said your name was cho: Roughneck, Baby

When I first met you, you told me something different/Until lately, maybe you never could keep it to yourself/Suddenly, someone came up and told me Your name was I cyan't believe it/That's what they call you?/Can never be!/You look sexy all the time I'm watchin you/The world will never believe when they see your face/And Iman can't believe the time when I even get the taste now/For some reason you just have that look like a crazy/roughneck, baby/But I love you, I love you babe I love you now even though your name is Have mercy on I and I, Rastafari, you say your name was/Lord, that's what they call you/Oh baby , yeah, you say your name was Roughneck, baby That's why I love you



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