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RootsTrade/Love One Another lyrics by Jerry/Jah Lightfoot, music by Jerry

They came from Jerusalem they came from Rome/ Lookin for someplace else to call home/ They came from Babylon they came from Zion/ They had plenty of money just enough to get by on /They came from the Congo they came from the Nile /Sometimes forced to check the culture and the style /On the Roots Trade Workin on the Roots Trade

Jah Lightfoot: I talkin to the young I talkin to de old/ I talkin to the one wan run hot cold/ Said I and I tell ya man dey feisty and bold/ Said I now say Jah Jah inna control/ Let we love one another /Stop with the fussin stop with the fightin/ Let's try a little love and some caressin/ Stop with the fussin stop with the fightin/ Let's try a little love and some uniting /Let we love one another/ Love one another

Jerry: They came from Harvard they came from Yale/ Came from the mental health center and the county jail /They been to Vietnam they been to Canada/ Been to the Persian Gulf and they've been over to Granada/ If not for the war they might have been anyway /Still it's ashes to ashes, clay to clay /On the Roots Trade

Came from the same place we all know/ The land of the heart and the country of the soul /Skin got every color and they're dancin to a different drum/ They've been fighting when cornered and they all know how to love some/I got something you need You got something I could use/ We got the whole world to gain Not much to lose /On the Roots Trade

I NEED IT AGAIN/BRING IT TO ME lyrics by Jerry/Jah Lightfoot, music by Jerry

Jerry: I know I'd do anything for you Because I know you'd do the same for me/ I want you to know I love to get along with you /I've been trying so hard for so long to go along now I see/ Together we could be so much more and you know that's true/ Sometimes you've shown me We're just like diamonds in the rough/ I'd like to thank you baby for your love

Chorus: 'cause I needed it /I needed it my friend/ And if you hear another lover callin' /Don't you go darlin'/I need it again

Jah Lightfoot: Bring it to me, Bring it to me Bring your sweet lovin girl come give it to me/ Bring it to me, Bring it to me Tell you that mi love you yes mi love you badly/ Said I know of a gal by the name of suzie /Mi se de gal mon she very irie/ I se de gal I would a tell you mon she in love wid me /Tru dat mi short man mi very irie/Se de lovin dat mi giv ya girl ya holla fe more/ I give ya one more we settle de score

Jerry: I don't think you have to worry about being misunderstood/ There's something about your good love that speaks clear/ And if there's anything I can do to make you happy I know I would /Anytime you want me I'll be here/ I know a real good reason why I've been loving you so much/ I'd like to thank you baby for your touch Chorus

Over and Over Lyrics and music by Jerry Chat by Jah Lightfoot

Jerry: When the greed is overcomin the need to feed /And some people forget how to read it may become necessary to drop some seeds /Good words may beget the good deed/ Though the road to hell is paved with good intention/ The need to feed is the father of invention/ Within every creed a stronghold of dissention/ May the diplomat survive

[chrus] Oh, I do what I got to do/ Say what I gotta say /Over and over /Give thanks for another day

Gugliemo Marconi was a man I admire /He put a big band in a box A peace talk in a wire/ Countless millions of souls inspired by a simple electric invention/ People listen to the news on the government show /Then dial up a different story on the same radio/ Which goes to show not every one will bestow their positive intention

Jah lightfoot: I woke up this mornin what did I see /Jah Rastafari comin for me/ I woke up this mornin what did I see/ Sallasie and his angels comin for me/ Mi hafe cry Jah /mi hafe love Jah /Mi hafe bawl out Lordy JahleilieuJah/ He give me mi life he give me the energy/ He teach me bout the roots and reality/ He made up the birds and he made all the bees/ I woke up this mornin what did I see /Jah Rastafari comin for me

Jerry: People don't need a hero to come play the part/ The only real hero lives deep in their hearts /Take a look at the artwork to see how they do/ Feel how the heart works when the message comes through/ The heart works like art works in various ways/ The artist departs the artistry stays /The hero dies off the common man prays the artistry of the heart survives

I Got a Job Lyrics and music by Jerry

I got a job /The company gave me the word I could go on ahead/ Sure is gonna feel good to be makin bread/ The hours are reasonable and it's good for my head /I got a job /just yesterday/ My family was so happy /They all been known to say /Papa could always use a little extra pay

I got hired/ Take a little less rest but I'll be less wired /Got to keep workin the pump you want to put out the fire /Gonna cater to my whims fulfill my desire/ I got hired I'm gainfully employed /My family was so happy/ They all jump for Joy/ So glad papa is a workin boy

Got into it/ and I found out I had to just do it / a little movin and a whole lotta love is gonna get me through it/I'll do it right cause I can/ my family was so happy/It's somethin that they understand /So glad Papa is a workin man

The Paths are Different Lyrics and music by Jerry

In a world full of superstars/ I need a place to be rea/l Where they take you for what you are/ And you can show what you feel /Where they don't shoot you down for tryin /And they won't forsake you for not /And you're not bein molded like another coin /To be spun down another slot

[chorus] Got to take our freedom /Don't have to be the same /The way this city's smolderin it's a burnin shame /Got to try to climb a mountain or get caught in the flames/ And the paths are different but the view is the same

In a world full of junky cars /I need a different kind of automobile /One that takes us where we need to go And the sweet earth won't suffer in the deal/Where the salesmen believe I can take care of myself/ Make all of the choices on my own/ I know all those other people are alright/ They just need to be shown /Got to take our freedom

In a world full of candy bars/ I need a fresh orange to peel /I want to see the sun rise up on the day When the sickness of the earth shall be healed/ I know where it is that I'm sailin to Cause I know where it is that I have been/ I hold the spirit of love in my heart It helps me hold my sails in the wind/ Got to take our freedom

Give the Youth a Try/Johnny B 1 lyrics byJah Lightfoot/Jerry, music by Jerry

Lightfoot: This one dedicated to all the boys and girls in Jah world/ All the diamonds and pearls/ Come mi se give a likkle youth dem a try /The youth of today will be the man of tomorrow/ And a beg dem a beg and a borrow dem a borrow/ They don need no pain they don need no sorrow /Let we straighten out today for they tomorrow /I like how they look I like how they smile/ Sometimes they feisty man sometimes they wild/ I can remember when I was a child/ Come into de dancehall man drop fine style/ Come mi se give a likkle youth dem a try

Jerry: Everybody got to deal with the drug problem/ In one form or another most everybody's usin em/ Everybody got to deal with their own monkey/ All you got to do is check the life of a junkie /Life can be cold and hard for sure /And Johnnie B was no different he bit down on the lure/ And he found he was bein taken for a ride/ and he found He wanted to be the one to decide/ Who was the owner of his own soul /Who was goin to be the one to be in control/ After everything was said and done Johnny B turned out to be the lucky one

[chorus] Every time we find understanding We get a little bit closer to being free/ From the struggle and strife of everyday life Affecting us seperately /I want to give it to the youth of America /Want to give it to the youth the youth/ Got to give it to the youth

Dancing Tonite Lyrics and music by Jerry, bassline by Jorge

[chorus] Because I love you/ I want to take you dancin tonite/ Yeah I love you/ I want to take you dancin tonite

My workin day is done/ I want to have some fun/ Put on your party dress /I must confess I've been blessed with your company/ Stay with me

I want to hear that song /I've been waiting all day long/ You look so fine to me/ I want the world to se/e How happy two people can be

We'll stay out on the floor /Scream and chant for more /Wind the night away/ I want to hear you say you'll stay with me /I want to be with you

Remember Lyrics and music by Jerry

I can tell by the way that you hold your gun/ You don't rally want to hut me you just want /To have a little fun like anybody else would want/ I can tell by the way that the world spins round /You can change like anyone in town/ Any confidence once lost can again be found

[chorus] Don't get lazy /When love's callin give yourself some /Don't be foolish /Don't be dumb/ You been too long in the trenches/ I know your time is gonna come/ Baby come to your senses /Remember where you come from/ Oh, remember

I can tell by the way that the paper will tear/ Somehow along the road your heart broke somewhere /There is still a little part of you deep inside that cares/ I can tell by the way that the night gets cold /You were tired of seein your love bought and sold /so you spent up every dime you had To break from the mold

I can tell by the way the stones get thrown /You could work your fingers all the way to the bone /Any shattered walls in your house you fix on your own/ I can tell by the way that the hand got bit/ A child had a whole lot to do with it /The teacher at the foot of the student one day must sit


ROOTS ROCKET Lyrics and music by Jerry

Come all youthful spirits try /To shoot the missiles out from the sky /With the roots rocket /Don't need no star wars SDI's /Shoot the master of war between the eyes /With the roots rocket/ If you know your history you know your heritage Is something you need /take the roots rocket/ Don't need a ticket get on board /Freedom reigns spirits soar on the roots rocket

The roots of humankind lead to unity/ The only way to fight oppression, unity /The only way to fight a war machine, unity /The only way to fight the apathy, roots rock it

Hey Mr. President excuse me sir /Would you send us a message to the oppressor On the roots rocket /Send it over to the government side /Tell them we want them all to take a ride On the roots rocket/ I think they'll treat those people with respect and love If they trace their history far enough On the roots rocket/ Take heed yourself Mr. President please, send the same message in the name of peace On the roots rocket

Stand Alone Lyrics and music by Jerry

So now your police /Got me up gainst the wall /Nowhere to run to/ but I never felt so tall /You brought your big guns/ It doesn't bother me at all /The harder you will push the harder you will fall/ Everybody needs somebody to depend on/ Help your brother stand alone /Everybody needs somebody to depend on Help your sister stand alone

So now your money /got me into the poorhouse/ Isn't it funny water water everywhere/ Not much for drinkin and it got me to thinkin/ Plenty for bombers but not a dollar to spare

So now your lawyers got me back in the courthouse/ Whole heap of jargon when common sense would do fine/ And if you ask me about the freedom for the people /Each one must look toward the heart eventually for a sign



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